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Parent and Guardian FAQ's

Are dietary restrictions and food allergies accommodated?

Our dining facilities do not serve peanuts or tree-nuts and can accommodate many other restrictions including, but not limited to: soy, gluten, egg, vegetarian, vegan, pork, shellfish, dairy. If your child has a food allergy or dietary restriction, please note it on their health questionnaire and inform the school ahead of time. 

My child takes medication, will they be able to take it at Nature's Classroom?

Yes, medication is administered to students by our trained medical staff. Please indicate any prescriptions or over-the-counter medications taken on the medical administration form, and be as specific as possible. On the day of your child's departure, medication will be collected by school teachers.  Please ensure medication is in a zip-top bag and is clearly marked with your child's name. Medication most be sent in its original container or it cannot be administered. Each Nature's Classroom site is equipped with an over-the-counter medication cabinet which includes analgesics, cold medicine, allergy medication, and gestational medicine; please do not send this type of OTC medication, unless your child takes specific daily doses. 

Will my child have access to their rescue inhaler or epi-pen?

Unless otherwise requested by the school, all emergency medication is carried by the Nature's Classroom staff who is working directly with your learner during the activities, and is kept in a safe and accessible location during free times and overnight.

Will I be able to communicate with my child?

You may communicate with your child by writing letters.  Please ask your school for the site-specific address to ensure mail is being sent to the correct place. It is advised to send mail the week prior to the trip so that it arrives on time. Your child is also able to send letter home, please remember to pack letter-writing supplies.

Are the Nature's Classroom staff background checked?

Yes, all Nature's Classroom staff are CORI and SORI checked before working with students.

How do I obtain more specific information on my child's trip?

Your child's school teachers are the best resource for answering questions regarding logistics and cost of the trip. They will communicate details to you, but you may contact them with specific concerns. To help answer questions about the Nature's Classroom experience in general, most schools hold an informational meeting for adults a month or longer before the trip. A representative of Nature's Classroom typically presents to parents and guardians, then will answer any remaining questions. If you are not able to attend the presentation, or have urgent questions, please contact us via phone or email, listed below.

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