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Ivoryton, CT

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Site Highlights

With numerous streams, a cedar swamp, a hardwood forest, and two ponds, this 700 acre site offers a great deal of diversity. The expansive property gives students the opportunity to view a New England forest that grows undisturbed and wild, while comparing it to dams and quarries which highlight human impact on the land.

Field groups often hike around the mile-long Bushy Hill Pond. This journey takes students past glacial erratic rocks, sparking discussions on how the land was shaped and carved over 10,000 years ago. The hike also takes students up to Lookout Point, a beautiful spots for quiet reflection which overlooks the pond and the facilities.

A small farm on property is home to goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, donkeys, and llamas. Field groups can visit the farm and learn about animal husbandry and small-scale farms.

Schools can choose to add a day trip to Hammonasset Beach State Park on Long Island Sound to their agenda. This educational experience includes a visit to a salt marsh, tidal flats, a sandy beach, and a rocky shore. This is another great opportunity to learn about the diverse ecosystems of Connecticut’s Shoreline.

Housing and Facilities

 With several housing options, every group can find suitable accommodations. Each dormitory has separate chaperone rooms and meeting spaces.

Lakeside: this recently renovated building offers housing for 32 students and 4 adults

The Health Center: sleeps 28 students and has a private room with bath for adults

Katsanis: this large dormitory has 4 wings, each wing with 22 beds and a private room with bath for 2 chaperones

For use at free time, our Ivoryton site has a basketball court, a field for baseball or kickball, and a dodgeball court.

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