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Groton, MA

Site Highlights

Our Groton facility boasts 250 acres of forest with many different wetlands.  Exploring our expansive trail system will occupy students all week long, providing opportunities to experience all the distinct parts of the property. 

In the farthest reaches of our woods, there are a network of beaver ponds and a section of birch forest to explore.  The Monkey Trail offers a glimpse at the area’s geological history with large boulders and kettle ponds deposited by glaciers over 10,000 years ago. 

Situated on Lost Lake, our human-made beach is a great place for fires and a chance to see waterfowl such as trumpeter swans and Canada geese.  Students can also observe the aquatic animals of the pond by using nets and tanks to catch and view them.

Housing and Facilities

The facilities at Groton are well maintained and modern.  We offer flexible dorm and cabin style housing options for up to 160 students.  Guests love our numerous indoor fireplaces which create a cozy environment.

For free time recreation, Groton offers students an exciting playground and a large indoor gymnasium.    

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