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Colebrook, CT

Site Highlights

Colebrook’s 540 acre property boasts a variety of hiking trails and natural features which make for an exciting week of exploration. The summit of Sunrise Mountain is one of the most popular destinations; groups climb 270 feet to reveal a beautiful view of the camp below. Along the way, students can climb inside a two story tree house or participate in ropes course challenges. A hike around the base of Sunrise Mountain leads to an old homestead cemetery which is an excellent place to discuss New England history and the relationships between people and they land they inhabit. Extended field groups are a perfect opportunity to make the three-mile journey around Triangle Lake.

Housing and Facilities

Cabins 1-9 and the Boathouse: Cabins 1-9 are identical in layout, each with a central common area and two bunk rooms. Each bunk room has 12 beds and a bathroom. Chaperones are conveniently housed in the center room for optimal supervision. The central common room also has couches and a gas fireplace, creating a great space to relax after a long day. The Boathouse cabin is very similar to the numbered cabins, but has a slightly different layout and can sleep up to 22 people.

Seniors Lodge: This large cabin can house up to 60 people in two bunk rooms and separate chaperone rooms. Seniors Lodge has a common area with gas fireplace and an outdoor amphitheater.

Recreational Facilities: Nature’s Classroom understands the importance of free play and allows students to take a break from scheduled activities to enjoy Colebrook’s wonderful recreational facilities. Students have many options for this time, including: visiting the “Mini Farm”, going down the 77 foot-long slide, playing on our sports courts, trying out the bouldering room, and playing in our Wiffle Ball stadium. We also have an indoor gymnasium which is perfect for free time on rainy days and large-group activities.

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