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Chaperones are responsible for overnight supervision. You will stay in the dormitories with the students to help ensure all students are ready for bed at night, and the day each morning. Accommodations vary from site to site, but all housing has indoor plumbing, hot showers, electricity, and heat.

There is free-time for the students throughout the day to give Nature's Classroom staff and students a break.  Chaperones will supervise students during this time and can help engage them in games and sports, and reinforce responsibility by making sure students are getting themselves ready for the next activity. 

Chaperones are not required to attend activities with the students, but are more than welcome to. Many adults enjoy participating in or helping with the program, while others appreciate the ability to catch up on work, read a book, or take independent hikes. If your learner is attending, we encourage you to let them build their independence and allow them enjoy activities on their own.


Meals are provided for students and adults on overnight trips, please contact your school for more information regarding day-trips. Students are assigned tables in our dining hall, chaperones dine with different groups of students and help with fostering good table manners and lively conversations. Our dining facilities accommodate many dietary restrictions, please communicate any concerns that you have to the school teachers ahead of time so we can ensure a safe dining experience.

Cell Service and WiFi

Connectivity varies at our locations; many sites have reliable cell service ​throughout the property, while others have limited reception. Regardless, all of our locations have WiFi available for adults to access.


​Transportation to and from Nature's Classroom is arranged through the schools, please communicate with them to determine how you will arrive. Many chaperones take the bus with the students, while others drive their own vehicle. There is on-site parking for vehicles at all of our locations. 

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