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Becket, MA

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Site Highlights

With 1,350 acres in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains, there is so much to explore and learn at our Becket location.

A hike through the woods and around Rudd Lake reveals both natural and human history. A field of glacial erratic boulders, known as The Rock Playground, allows students to look back in geologic time. Students can also view the Brewster House, an old home which was used as a safe house on the Underground Railroad.

The large property is home to many animals, giving students opportunities to view beaver dams and lodges, a porcupine den, and many deer trails.

Housing and Facilities

Lodges: We have 3 lodges at Becket, all with heating, plumbing and electricity as well as their own unique charm.  Four Seasons and Wellspring, our two oldest cabins, both serve as a perfect setting for any students dreaming of a more rugged Nature's Classroom experience. The Manor, our biggest and most contemporary cabin, boasts a comfortable lodging environment with large bathrooms and a grand common area for evening social time.  Our winterized cabins can accommodate up to 140 students, with plenty of room for chaperones.

Chimney Corner Summer Cabins: Are available to Nature's Classroom for lodging by request.  These cabins look like they came straight from a child's dream, but do however lack insulation, plumbing and electricity, so be prepared for a truly rustic NC experience!  Each of the three units consist of several cabins that share male and female bath houses requiring walking outdoors to use.  Your Becket staff will do their best to accommodate you with extension cords for basic lighting and charging, but anything further is beyond their reach. Tell the kids to bring their coziest pajamas and sleeping bags! 

Arts Center: This large space has a full stage that serves as the setting for introductions and endings to many of our activities.  It is also the location for most indoor classes with 4 classrooms, a dance studio, and the large group area available at all times.

The Scorpion Pit: Don't be fooled by the title, this room is a lovely place for chaperones to relax and sip a hot beverage as they wait for their little nature explorers to return from field group.

Recreational Facilities: There are many options for recreation during free time. In addition to traditional activities, Becket also offers a rock climbing boulder room and a disc golf course.

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