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Celebrating 50 Years

Dr. John G. Santos and Nature's Classroom want to thank everyone by opening up the Charlton, HillTop campus for the weekend (Friday-Sunday) to celebrate 50 years of teaching and learning! If you worked at, or planned a trip to Nature's Classroom we hope to see you here. Share stories! Sing songs! Relive the good times! Join us for this free, family-friendly, gathering of NC alumni from all decades! Some lodging is available as well as plenty of spaces for camping.

We will share the meal schedule when finalized, but Saturday dinner (5/27/2023) is the main event - Likely late afternoon/early evening so that people that are just coming in for the day can make it home at a reasonable time.

Things to Expect

  •  A photo gallery over the years (please email pictures to

  • Field Group

  • T-shirt Museum

  • Campfires galore

  • Swanky NC-style dinner on Saturday featuring positive sharing and perhaps entertainment (YES!)

  • New classes and the classic favorites as well...

If you want to see something, let us know! If you want to teach or lead something, let us know! Follow this page and email us to get updates about the event as they unfold. Contact us at : P.S. Don't forget to spread the word about the reunion to all your NC contacts.


First-come-first-served basis and according to needs. We will do our best to make accommodations as needed. For people looking for housing instead of camping, pricing is $20/adult per night (an adult is 18+). We are planning on providing meals through Sunday lunch.  But as a reminder, we do have a school-groups attending the following week so if able, please expect to spend some time helping tidy up and generally leaving no trace.    

As you know, Nature's Classroom is not simply just environmental education, but a unique human experience. If you are interested and able to keep our mission going please consider a one time donation or becoming a monthly donor!

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