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Celebrating Fifty Years!

“I expected students to grow in trust, caring, and sense of place in the world and how each person touches and affects others around them. I expected their knowledge of the environment to grow.... You all have more than met my expectations. In 13 years of outdoor education, this is the strongest program I have experienced.”

Our Program at a Glance

We've made it! 50 years of programming! Nature’s Classroom, Inc. has given over one million students and teachers the opportunity to experience education from another perspective: outside the walls of the classroom.


Nature’s Classroom, Inc. is a residential environmental education program operating at two distinctly unique facilities located in Charlton, Massachusetts. We offer immersive programming tailored to the needs of each group. Most schools take advantage of our five-day program, while some decide to join us for a shorter stay.

Either way, our philosophy remains:

"And this our life

Exempt from public haunt

Finds tongues in trees, 

Books running in brooks, 

Sermons in stones 

And good in Everything."


~ William Shakespeare ~

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