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Lakeside, CT

Site Highlights

Lakeside’s 300 acre property has many hidden gems for student’s to explore.

 A trail through low-lying woodlands reveals many semi aquatic plants and eventually winds around to an old family cemetery. Off trail students can find an enormous fallen ash tree and learn about invasive species and their effect on our delicate ecosystems.

Students have many opportunities to observe how the environment can be altered by those inhabiting it. A trip to the Waterfront Pond allows students to see a human-made dam, while a trip to the beaver pond shows how animals can change the landscape. Students can also visit an old rock quarry to discuss mining operations and see how removing rocks from the land can cause erosion. On the way to the quarry, students can stop by The Snake Pit and see how humans can create habitats for animals with our snake boxes.


Housing and Facilities

The cabins at Lakeside are spacious and comfortable. There are 8 separate cabin spaces; each with a large bunk room that sleeps 14 students, a small private room with one bunk bed, and a semi private room for chaperones with one single bed. There is a bathroom inside each cabin which has two toilet stalls, two showers, and a private changing room.

Kenyon Hall provides a large open space for activities and singing songs at the end of the day. This building is perfect for free time on rainy days.

When the weather is nice, students can enjoy our outdoor recreational spaces.

There is a large field in front of the cabins which is ideal for football, soccer, Frisbee, or just running around and playing. Lakeside also offers a basketball court, volleyball court, foursquare court, and a gaga pit.

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