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Information for Parents

If you’re a parent of a school program participant, you probably have a few questions. And that’s great—because we’ve got good answers.

School Program Information for ParentsAt Nature's Classroom at Sargent Center, your child will embark on an adventure in learning filled with challenge, reward, and both personal and academic growth. But best of all, he or she will have the experience of a lifetime while participating in hands-on lessons in The Environment, Adventure, and Outdoor Skills under the guidance of our expert instructors.

We encourage you to explore all the information we have provided about our program throughout this site—but on this page, we’ve gathered a few resources specific to you:

What to bring

This list provides guidelines on the clothing and supplies that will ensure that your child is comfortable and well-prepared for their stay at Sargent Center.



Students sleep in cozy four-season dormitories with modern bathrooms. All dormitories are supervised by teachers and parent chaperones.


Students, teachers, and instructors dine as a community in famous Northern Lodge. If the student has special dietary requirements— be sure to communicate them to your child’s teacher in advance.

Health and Safety

Your child’s health and safety is our highest priority. All School Program instructors hold multiple certifications in First Aid, CPR, and safety. In addition, our on-site medical person administers medication, supervises special dietary needs, and oversees the general well-being of our students. Though it is rarely needed, emergency medical care is available at a nearby hospital.

We welcome questions from parents, and we encourage you to contact us at
603-525-3311 with any concerns.