Nature's Classroom at Sargent Center

School Program - Sargent Center Curriculum


School programs at Sargent Center, as at all Nature's Classroom sites, continue to address current state curricular requirements for science, mathematics, social studies, health, and language arts - even standardized tests. Students will gain important foundational knowledge during their stay, while engaging in:


At Nature’s Classroom at Sargent Center, we immerse students in authentic, hands-on field investigations that reinforce classroom lessons and state standards. Extending the learning environment into the field encourages students to explore, observe, and examine elements of the natural world that cannot be brought into the classroom. Field investigations require students to use scientific tools, analyze empirical data, and draw conclusions about the quality of our environment—leading to a deeper understanding of topics covered in the classroom and on standardized tests.


Teamwork reinforces trust and selfconfidence, fosters community, and enhances the learning experience. School Program adventure activities enable students to work together in groups, developing skills in problem-solving, goalsetting, decision-making, and positive risk-taking. These shared teambuilding experiences


Outdoor skills develop self-sufficiency and resourcefulness while demanding that students work with each other to overcome fun challenges. Students develop an appreciation for natural resources and build social skills as they interact with the environment through activities such as fire-building, canoeing, orienteering, and cross-country skiing.



Our School Program is a direct extension of the classroom. Students are exposed to three learning domains: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. School Program instructors are trained in all learning domains, and build into their lessons opportunities for students to apply higher-order thinking skills through anticipation, hands-on activities, lesson closure, and reflection. all together now


One of the greatest outcomes of participation in School Program is the opportunity for each class to become a cohesive, cooperative team that values the contribution of each individual. Sharing challenging experiences helps students, teachers, and parents develop greater sensitivity and respect for each other— which translates into better social skills.


Discover what sets School Program apart. It’s not just students who benefit from learning at Nature’s Classroom. School Program also provides teachers with a framework that enhances future lessons in the classroom. This includes opportunities to: • Observe students in the outdoor classroom • Assess social, emotional, and academic growth • Participate in professional development activitie

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How we teach

The school program at Sargent Center is committed to creating and supporting innovative educational programs. We provide the setting where children of all ages become engaged with the natural world and discover the joy of learning. Emphasis is placed on experiential education rather than lecture-based instruction. We immerse learners in authentic, real-world, hands-on activities that stimulate the imagination, develop curiosity about life, and create an environment in which to share discoveries.

Nature’s Classroom at Sargent Center also provides students with an understanding of their importance in the world’s social and environmental future. Through outdoor adventures and hands-on field investigations, students discover that they can make a difference. They experience sustainable living on our environmentally friendly campus, and learn about the benefits of conservation.

Away from cell phones, video games, and other distracting technology, students explore their role in the environment—and have a genuine opportunity to develop their own potential.