Nature's Classroom      

Life-Tech Ventures
an Adventure in Living and Learning
in Charlton, Massachusetts
A Nature's Classroom Summer Camp Experience

Life Tech Summer Camp, Charlton, MA




JUNE 25- JULY 22 2017

Life Tech Camp



Life Tech Dates and Fees
Day Camp
  Dedicated to the Development of the Well-Rounded Child
  Residential & Day Camp Programs for children
8 - 16 yrs old



We invite your child on an adventure of a life-time - an adventure in living and learning.

Life-TECH Ventures offers a non-competitive community in which children learn and grow as individuals. Children play, live and learn - or more importantly, discover a desire to learn.

More than twelve hours each week are dedicated to a CORE AREA, which the children choose to study. Core areas are designed to appeal to the particular interests of each child.

Core areas include:

Physical Science


Natural Science Performing Arts Adventure Challenge Fine Arts

Discovery Activities

In addition to Core classes, campers participate in fun Discovery activities each day, such as:


Hot Air Balloons

Mission Impossible

Eat the World

Mask Making

Bubble Bubble



Pond Probe


Paper Marbling

Geodome Building


Invent - a - Beast

... and LOTS more...

Balancing academics with equally valuable activities, LTV offers recreation periods in crafts, hiking, swimming, sports or this time may be used simply to chat with friends.
LTV1 Recreational facilities include a pool, two playing fields, a volleyball court, two half-court basketball areas, and a sports complex which houses a full size basketball court or a large recreational space when weather is inclement.

The housing is extraordinary! It consists of the Center and the Lodge, which comfortably hold 4-6 children per room, and the Ranger Building.

The older children are given a great deal of freedom based on their ability to take responsibility for that freedom.
At Life-TECH Ventures we understand that learning to make decisions is a part of the growing up process. We want kids to learn to live, work and play together, not through forced conformity to rules, but rather through understanding individual responsibilities in a social setting. We want to help kids learn to honestly appreciate the individual differences in people that are fostered in the development of a harmonious community.