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Sample of Special Interest Classes




This list is an EXAMPLE of classes that might be offered to students in a group requiring nine of our instructors. The specific classes offered vary with the time of year, location, current Nature's Classroom instructors, and the goals that the visiting school wishes to achieve. The number of classes offered will of course depend on the total size of the visiting group.    

A Typical Day at Nature's Classroom
Afternoon Special Interest Classes
Morning Field Experience
Monday 4:00 PM
Tuesday 2:00 PM
  Double Bubble (Chemistry of Soap) Science   Go With The Flow (Heart & Blood) Science  
  Just Plane Fun (Flight & Aerodynamics) Science   Terrarium Building (Cycles) Science  
  Solar Energy   Science   Egg Drop (Package Design) Science  
  Incredible Edibles (Edible Plants) Science   Go Fly A Kite (Wind, Atmosphere Science  
  Geodome (Geodesic Dome Construction) Math   Countryside Measuring (Geometry) Math  
  Get Lost (Map and Compass) Math   On The Air (Broadcast Writing) Humanities  
  Woodland Music (Instrument Construction) Humanities   Native American Games   Social Studies  
  The Oil Game (Sharing a Limited Resource) Social Studies   Rising High (Towers) Math  
  Pumping Mill (Early American Water Power) Social Studies   Sensory Walk   Humanities  
Tuesday 4:00 PM
  Fruit Lab (Fruit Dissection) Science          
  Mosquito Patrol (Mosquitoes) Science  
Many schools choose an all-day field experience
  Rock-N-Roll (Geology) Science  
on Wednesdays, depending on the site they attend.
  Weather Or Not (Meteorology) Science          
  Hang In There (Suspension Bridge) Math          
  Map Making   Math          
  Name That Tune (Music Composition) Humanities          
  Mime In Nature (Drama) Humanities          
  I'm OK, You're OK (Exploring Handicaps) Social Studies          
Thursday 2:00 PM
Thursday 4:00 PM
  Crystals (Chemistry) Science   Owl Pellets (Owl Study) Science  
  Hot Air Balloons (Air) Science   Chemistry Magic   Science  
  Pollution Solution   Science   Pond Probe   Science  
  Oh, Rats! (Dissection) Science   Volcano   Science  
  Sculpting The Earth   Math   Pulleys   Math  
  Polling (Graphs) Math   Rising High (Towers) Math  
  Speed Boats (Stream Power) Math   Hear Ye! (Newspaper) Humanities  
  Woods Words (Poetry) Humanities   Sensory Walk   Humanities  
  Egg Babies (Responsibility) Humanities   Lothlorien Miniature Community Social Studies  



  The two-volume curriculum text for Nature's Classroom, And This Our Life, and its unpublished appendices, contain over 500 hands-on science, math, humanities, and social studies lesson plans with follow-up activities for use in the schoolroom as well as references for further investigation.  
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